Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day To All The Beautiful Mothers!!

Hi All,

Just want to take this opportunity to wish all mothers a Very Happy Mother's Day.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

London Fashion Week won't ban skinny models - Fashion Week-

London Fashion Week won't ban skinny models - Fashion Week-

London Fashion Week won't ban skinny models

Instead, organizers ask designers to use ‘healthy’ people on catwalk

LONDON - Organizers of London Fashion Week
said Thursday they would not ban ultra-thin models from the catwalk,
but stressed they had asked designers to use only “healthy” people in
their shows.

British Fashion Council said barring stick-thin models — as fashion
weeks in Madrid and Milan have done — “is neither desirable nor

council, a consortium of major fashion retailers and publishers that
oversees London’s twice-yearly fashion weeks, said it recognized its
responsibility to help promote a healthy body image.

Image: Skinny model

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Thursday, August 7, 2008

We are NOT alone

Arts and crafts is bigger than you think

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Friday, May 23, 2008

Wedding Dress Alteration Tips

It seems I've had an small blog break. My brain isn't working as it should be!

Anyway, I managed to find something useful on altering wedding dresses.

By Sarah on wedding dress alterations

If you’re purchasing your dress in a bridal boutique, or even purchasing it on the Internet, then most likely you’re looking at having to have some wedding dress alterations done. It seems that some wedding dresses need a major overhaul once they’re purchased to be able to tailor them to a particular person’s body type, which can be a lot of work for a seamstress. Taking in fabric on the top, taking it in at the waist (yea!), and other wedding dress alterations aren’t as easy as they look. Even if what you only need to have done is to take up the dress so it isn’t too long, then you’ll want to pay attention to some of these tried and true tips for making sure you get it done right the first time. Here is some great advice for taking care of your wedding dress alterations.


Sew like you've never Sewn before!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Wedding Dress - Finding A Gown On A Tight Budget

By Hilary Basile

Let's consider the average cost of wedding dress attire:

• The average cost of a wedding dress is approximately $800 to $1,500

• The average headpiece can cost between $150 to $300

• The average cost of shoes is $50

Given this, you would expect to budget at least $1,000 for your wedding dress. This can create a severe case of sticker shock especially when you consider this is for a one-time event. Following are 10 money saving tips for selecting one for those on tighter budgets.


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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Look Your Best at the Beach or in Pilates Class by Sewing Your Own Swimsuit & Leotard

A wide range of pattern styles is available. Styles with princess seams are slenderizing. So are patterns with a center panel of a contrasting color; to minimize hips, use a dark color for the side panels. High-cut leg openings on swimsuits and leotards give the appearance of longer legs and a slimmer torso. For a full-busted figure, choose a pattern with a bustline shaped by darts or seams. To fill out a slender figure, use a pattern with shirring, draping, or ruffles. Or choose a simple pattern style and a splashy printed fabric to enhance a slender figure.By sewing your own swimsuits and leotards, you can make garments that meet your needs. Add a full-front lining to a swimsuit, if desired; this is especially important for light-colored and lightweight fabrics. Or you may line just the crotch area or add a bandeau lining in the bust area. Purchased bra cups may be sewn into the bandeau if firmer support is desired.Two-way stretch fabric stretches to fit the contours of many different figure types. Select the pattern according to the bust measurement to avoid extensive fitting adjustments at the bustline. If you require different pattern sizes for the hips and the bust, choose a multisize pattern, following the cutting lines for the appropriate sizes and blending the lines in the waistline area.