Friday, May 23, 2008

Wedding Dress Alteration Tips

It seems I've had an small blog break. My brain isn't working as it should be!

Anyway, I managed to find something useful on altering wedding dresses.

By Sarah on wedding dress alterations

If you’re purchasing your dress in a bridal boutique, or even purchasing it on the Internet, then most likely you’re looking at having to have some wedding dress alterations done. It seems that some wedding dresses need a major overhaul once they’re purchased to be able to tailor them to a particular person’s body type, which can be a lot of work for a seamstress. Taking in fabric on the top, taking it in at the waist (yea!), and other wedding dress alterations aren’t as easy as they look. Even if what you only need to have done is to take up the dress so it isn’t too long, then you’ll want to pay attention to some of these tried and true tips for making sure you get it done right the first time. Here is some great advice for taking care of your wedding dress alterations.


Sew like you've never Sewn before!


VitaTaukatch said...

Nice info......thanks!

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Tom Kerry said...

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Alexi Davenport said...

I need to get some bridal alterations in Houston, TX. My wedding is next month, and I can hardly wait! Thanks for your tips. I think it will be a lot easier, now that I know what I am doing.

Randi Pittman said...

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